Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bike Around Town - Siem Reap, Cambodia

Meym Ynah checking work email at Banyan Leaf Hotel's internet corner. Busy-busyhan. lol

Last full day in Siem Reap until our flight on the same evening back to Manila. What to do? BIKE!

Free daily breakfast! :)

We got to sleep and wake up to our hearts content since this day was a lot more relaxed than the Temple Run we did the day before. We finally availed of the free daily breakfast from our hotel and got to chill a bit before heading out.

Internet corner and lounge area. Hi Judy Joy!


Of course we went swimming. :)

Pool time!


After lazing around, we packed our stuff and left them at the hotel lobby before going around town and renting bikes.

BIKE RENTAL was about 5 USD each. We got the city bikes and they all come with locks so you don'y have to worry about it being snagged away.

They usually ask for you to leave your passport as guarantee but I did not want to give mine because I'm scared they might lose it so Ynah gave hers together with her life. If ever she couldn't come back to Manila at least Judy and I would be able to help her... from home. hahaha


Kaya ka lagi masasagasaan eh. POSE PA MORE!

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU GO BIKING! Traffic in Siem Reap isn't as crazy in Manila but cars and motorcyles come in from nowhere! haha

First agenda was to eat lunch. We found this restaurant cafe called Joe To Go and it looked really cozy plus they had a Trip Advisor seal of excellence fo we went in.

Joe To Go

It was a bit pricey but the food was really good! I had Beef Loklak and Iced Matcha Latte and it was soooooo darnnn tasty!!!

Can you see how excited I am with food? Always like that. :)

Sorry for the blurry photo BUT this whole set is super delish!

My Iced Matcha Latte

Another good thing about eating here is that they give a percentage of their profits to a charity for children so they can go to school! :)

Thanks Joe-To-Go!

HAPPY PIZZA anyone? ;)

Off to OLD MARKET to get some souvenirs! Don't forget to haggle! :D

Scarves in all shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics!

Toy elephants. so cute.

The lovely ladies of Old Market giving Ynah a try of their goods. MADE IN SIEM REAP! haha

I've been looking for traditional Khmer pants and I found them at Old Market, I got mine for 2 USD less than the regular price. Or so I think. But still IT WAS A SCORE! :)

Soo many to choose from!

EVERYTHING IS AT THE OLD MARKET and AT A CHEAP PRICE. You just have to find what you like.

After searching for shirts, pants, and magnets and a paper weight. We went around town some more to look for SISTER SREY cafe that Judy found online.

Photo Op with Siem Reap's street art. :)

Yes? Sweet girl teh?

What do you know, we can't find the cafe. I like it when I get lost. I get to use my amazing instinct with direction that both my companions were doubting.

Girl, we don't have mobile net. That map is stuck in space and time. Trust my instinct. hahahha

PUB STREET in daylight! :) HI MGA BEH!!!!! MYGADD JUSKOPO! :))

See my instinct face? And see how Ynah just doesn't care we're lost?

AND..... WE FOUND IT!!! SISTER SREY CAFE where Ynah also found a Khmer love interest.

Can you spot the 20 Philippine Peso bill?

'Oh, lighten up!'

OUR DRINKS! Mine is the Strawberry Shake at the rightmost.

Sister Srey is owned by two Australian girls who are best friends that fell in love with Siem Reap. They loved it there so much that they decided to put up a business. Their menus are so adorable! They made use of old children's books as menu covers! Food and drinks we good at affordable prices, too. I loved my shake! Very refreshing for a hot day biking around.

Parking in Siem Reap.

BATMAN TUKTUK! I FOUND YOU! I was secretly on a mission since we got to Siem Reap to find this tuktuk. I have been seeing it on blogs and reviews and I wanted to spot it myself! The universe conspired and behold the Batman TukTuk. hahaha 

Artsy Judy Joy.

Then off we went to ALLEY WEST. You can find some nice cafes and restaurants here as well as some more souvenir shops. Alley West is just around the corner of Pub Street and has some of the artsy stuff that are locally made you can buy.

Judy is looking for yet another cafe. Sadly, we found where it was but it was a different business already.

This was supposed to be the Cafe we were looking for. It's now a ceramic shop. Love the decor and interiors though! :)

My eye! O_O

It was already sundown, my eye started to itch and become inflamed, and our tuktuk driver was gonna pick us up for the airport. It was almost time  to go home. :(

We bought the yummy Lemon Pie at BLUE PUMPKIN for our love Ms Faye and took a glimpse at where it all started.

Last look.


Judy Joy

Thank you to my behs Ynah and Judy Joy for some of the photos in this series of posts and thank you for making this trip to Siem Reap a most memorable one. I had the best 3 nights and 2 days, it almost felt a week. Cheers to more travels with you mga beh!

P.S. Pumarty naman tayo ng todohan next time please? Practice na ng pag nomo nomo. Hanoi na ba ito?

Sad looking self. haha

We rode back and away on our bikes to return them and see if Ynah still had a passport to use coming home. LOL And yes, she still had a passport and she got to check out this cute guy buying his ticket to Thailand. Myabe it was a sign? haha

Went back to Banyan Leaf Hotel to freshen up before Mr. Kim took us to the airport. The staff at the hotel let us use their extra bathroom too for all three of us to shower even if we've checked out already. Really good service. :)

Our trusted and forever tuktuk driver, Mr. Kim finally brought us to the airport. He asked for just 5 USD but we gave him a tip for being very accommodating to us

SEE YOU SOON SIEM REAP! There's a lot more I need to see from you.  

Sihanoukville next maybe? :)

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