Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Little Boy Wanderer

I always liked seeing my name on PAL's tickets with the prefix 'Master' when I was a little boy. We would fly to Manila from Bicol to visit my dad. I liked to look out the plane's window and chew gum my mom would give me as the plane took off. I loved the feel of the airport and see airplanes and flight attendants and people just waiting to fly away.

When I was in Grade School, being the boy who had all the sizes of Mickey Mouse stuffed toy was promised that if I maintained my good grades my mom and uncle would take me to Hong Kong and go to Disneyland. I was up for the challenge! Sadly, that trip never happened.

Come high school, my mom and I was to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land for a week and finally get to Hong Kong as promised when I was a boy. 

The Holy Land was indeed beautiful and the sights of Jerusalem, its people, and the Dead Sea was just amazing! All according to my mom because I never got there. Sadly, that part of my life again never happened. I was on a pilgrimage of my own, knocking my brains out for final exams.

College wasn't so bad. Had a few trips but it was not until recently that I felt really good about packing my bags and be somewhere wandering about.

Last year, 7 of my friends and I booked tickets to Siem Reap. All was good until a month before the trip, the airline fucked up our lives - flight dates were changed! It comes in threes as they say so I thought that was it. I booked a ticket to Kuala Lumpur with my cousin thinking Siem Reap was a no go. Apparently, it was a go. Two of my girl friends decided to push through so we ended up having a threesome (in the most wholesome way, believe me) in Cambodia. You'll know why on my next post. :)

I was thinking how in the world will I manage two trips in the span of a month. I also thought how funny it was that when I was young, two trips I was super looking forward to didn't even say 'booked'.

So despite worrying about financing both trips with my meager earnings, I packed my backpack, went on, and came home with a lot of photos. Photos I have nowhere to put and thoughts I want to share. Thus, this little blog.

Travelling is one thing I've always liked to do. Now that I'm old enough I'd really love to do more of it and tell people to do the same thing. There's that different feeling that comes when you get to your destination. Being somewhat lost in unfamiliar places is exhilarating and the little boy from way back then craves nothing more than to wander.

Hoping to fill this tiny corner with as much travel photos and posts (and things in between) as much as possible. Cheers and live life!

Little Boy Wanderer

(Next Post: Trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia)

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